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frequently asked questions

  • Which locations do you service?
    All locations! We can build a support team in your area, we hire staff where the support is needed.
  • How much do you charge?
    We follow the NDIS Price Schedule, however, if you are struggling with your NDIS Budget, simply get in touch with us for a chat. We're always happy to discuss how we to make it work. Follow the link below to visit the NDIS Price Schedule:
  • What are your minimum shift times?
    Two hours is our minimum shift time, however, we may be able to service one hour shifts depending on the circumstances - if you require one hour shifts, please reach out so we can discuss and try to arrange that for you.
  • Do you offer Nursing Care/Services?
    Yes, if you require Nursing Care/Services we can arrange for Registered or Enrolled Nurses to come and see you.
  • I am not comfortable with all Support Workers, how is this handled?
    During the Meet and Greet you will have the opportunity to tell us your preferred personality type for Support Workers and we will match who we think suits that description. You will get the chance to meet a few of the Team members and can then choose your favourite. All parties must feel 100% comfortable and it is our mission to make that happen.
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