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Hey! I'm Rie Bredow, Founder and Director of Rie Care. Living with both an Autoimmune Disease and a few other disabilities that impact my daily life has shown me that sometimes science and modern medicine just isn’t enough.

For me, the combination of medical treatment and holistic health therapies has been life altering!  

This is what inspired me to bring these Holistic Health opportunities to the entire community, so everyone can have the possibility to experience and create their own life altering changes. 

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WHAT OUR clients say

I’m so happy about how Rie Care has treated me. Your support so far, has lifted my spirits and has definitely helped me get my ‘Positive Thinking Cap’ back on. I'm truly grateful!


The company is fantastic to work with, they have amazing care staff that go out of their way to look after their clients!


Rie and her team are an amazing team who support me in achieving my goals. They listen and nothing is too difficult for them. I am grateful to have their support.


Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit.




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